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 Top Reasons to Shop with Health Mart 2000

1. Free Shipping
We ship for free when you spend $69.00 in Western Provinces . Or $79.00 for Eastern Provinces

2. Fast Delivery
We ship fast! - within 3- 5 business days to many locations including Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina and Winnipeg, !

3. Low Prices
We work hard to make our prices as competitive as possible, and offer some of the same lowest prices online. We encourage you to compare prices. 

4. Wide  Selection

We are one of the nation's  online stores devoted exclusively health, wellness supplements  . We are adding more of your favorite health supplements health products all the time! 

5. Product Reviews
We have just started this next step to help in your decision on  a product for purchase.

6. Customer Service
We are committed to providing you with Good service and encourage you to contact  Wendy or Luke for help. 1-888-249-0990

7. Our Privilege
Our Privilege not just a right to serve you with your health needs.
8. The Health Mart Family
We truly care about you and ensure you have a 10/10 Customer Experience every time you shop with us. We are truly a family base business with a Mom and Son to help you with your orders.

9. Our unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy
     We can refund if products follow our Refund Policy .
10. It's Easy
We’re open 24 hours! No lines or crowds. No lugging around big buckets of protein. A few clicks and you're done. A small way to make your life just a little easier.

-- Bonus Reason --

11. No Gas
Don't forget the gas savings!




We view people, the planet, and happiness as interdependent. They are all critical for our long-term prosperity. The Creator, has always believed passionately that we need to be good stewards of this Earth and towards all People– every day we try to help someone - and that has become a cornerstone of our company’s philosophy.