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Right View;  the right way to think about life is to see the world through the eyes of the truth  ...with wisdom and compassion .

Right Thought;  We are what we think . Clear and kind thought build good, strong characters.

Right Speech ;   By speaking kind and helpful words , we are respected and trusted by everyone.

Right Conduct;  No matter what we say, others know us from the way we behave. Before we criticize others, we should first see what we do ourselves. 

Right Livelihood;  This means choosing a job that does not hurt others. " Do not earn your living by harming others. Do not seek happiness by making others unhappy. "

Right Effort ;   A worthwhile life means doing our best at all times and having good will toward others. This also means not wasting effort on things that harm ourselves and others.

Right Mindfulness;   This means being aware of our thoughts , words and deeds. 

Right Concentration ;  Focus on one thought or object at a time . By doing this , we can be quiet and attain true peace of mind.

Cultivating our garden to bare  fruit  is Noble , but if and when one cultivates one's 

wisdom , the mind is the ground and thoughts are seeds. Deeds are ways one cares 

for the garden. Our faults are weeds. Pulling them out is like weeding a garden. The harvest is real and lasting happiness.

1. No Killing ..... Respect for life.
2. No Stealing .....Respect for other`s property
3. No lying....Respect for honesty
4. No Intoxicants....Respect for a clear mind

thank you kindly 
Wendy Quadros