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First;    'I've learned that making a living is NOT the same as making  LIFE'.! 

Second;   ' Be yourself in all ways and truth in honor for life as we know it'

Third;  'People forget what you say, people forget what you did , but, people will not forget how you make  them feel'. 

Finally ;
We thank you all for  kindness towards us here at Health Mart 2000 .' our lives are once only at this time yet there will be other times ,let's not  reduced  them'  . Instead move out of the way and go go forward ; all  of us need  patience,honor of peoples , plants , animals all are of the Spirit and we are all connected i believe.  For this will bring truth forward.
Good thoughts and memories to you all always here from Health Mart 2000.
thank you kindly 
Wendy and Luke Quadros
Manager, Assistant Manager