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The beautiful ruby red coloring of this colloid is created naturally as nano particle using an electrolysis process, thus creating gold nano sized particles.

The ruby red colour indicates that the gold particles are around five nanometers in diameter. 
Gold has reported anti-inflammatory properties that are particularly useful on pain and swelling with those that have arthritis or bursitis. Many take it for its anti-aging qualities.
In the past and still to this day, Colloidal Gold is used to treat depression, digestive issues, to aid in circulation, help with obesity, to help reduce cravings by alcoholics, and much more!
It is also reported to be excellent on the skin as it promotes collagen formation in the cells and reduces wrinkles – it is used as an active ingredient in many of the high end wrinkle reducers! 
It is said that Colloidal Gold increases mental capacity and sharpens the mind! Many studies have indicated that regular consumption of Colloidal Gold increases the IQ by as much as 20%! Is this true?
Studies have shown that Colloidal Gold increases the metal capacity and IQ of all participants up to 1 month of discontinuing use!  Some of our customers and regular users even talk about lucid dreams when they take Colloidal Gold just before bed!