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More than just a spice for cooking, garlic can actually improve your health in many different ways... 

Garlic is a popular herb in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet, and has been for thousands of years in many different cultures around the world. The herb that we use is 
actually the bulb of the Allium sativum plant. The cloves of the bulb contain active sulphur compounds called alliin, allicin, and S-allyl cysteine. These constituents have been well studied for their various health benefits.
Garlic has many benefits for cardiovascular health, including cholesterol regulation, blood pressure lowering, and improved circulation. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and acts as a potent antimicrobial.
Cardiovascular Benefits
Garlic intake is shown to decrease levels of LDL cholesterol, which is the "bad" cholesterol responsible for cholesterol plaques and the storage of fat, and triglycerides. 
Garlic also increases levels of HDL cholesterol, which is the "good" cholesterol responsible for moving stored and deposited fat to the liver for processing and removal from the 
body. HDL cholesterol protects against plaque formation. Garlic preparations have also been found to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Thus, garlic can be used to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Aged garlic extract is the form that has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits.
Blood Sugar Regulation
Garlic has beneficial effects on balancing blood sugar as well. The pancreas releases insulin in response to sugar intake. It acts to promote the intake of glucose by all the cells of 
the body to use as a fuel source. Without proper insulin levels, any sugar absorbed stays in the blood, causing high blood sugar, while the body cells become starved for energy. 
Eventually the pancreas becomes worn out and does not produce as much insulin or the body's cells become less sensitive after years of high insulin levels. Garlic can increase the release of insulin and help the body's cells become more sensitive to the insulin present.
For thousands of years, garlic has been used as an antimicrobial and anti-parasitic herb. It has been used topically for infections of the skin, wound care and even acne. It is 
commonly used for bacterial and fungal infections both inside and outside the body as well. Oral supplementation or eating garlic can help to fight systemic infections like parasites, 
bronchitis, and digestive infections. Research has shown that garlic can be taken as a prophylactic during cold and flu season to help protect against infection. Interestingly, garlic cloves can be perforated and inserted into the vagina attached to a string to treat a yeast infection. 
Other Benefits
Garlic is believed to help with healthy hair growth. This is because of its high levels of allicin and sulfur. It is not often used in acne medications but garlic is often used as a home 
remedy to reduce blemishes. The antioxidants found in garlic kills the bacteria that causes acne. Garlic not only keep vampires from drinking your blood it also protects you from 
mosquitoes. A study conducted in India found that those who rubbed a garlic concoction on themselves were not bothered by mosquitoes. The reason behind this is inconclusive. Garlic is thought to be able to remove splitters. Placing a slice of garlic over the splitter and covering with a band-aid or duct tape has been a folk remedy for years. 
Medicinal Food
Garlic is a medicinal food because the active ingredients are present in the cloves in sufficient quantities to have some medicinal effects. It is best to eat raw garlic, because the active sulphur compounds are sensitive to heat and can be destroyed by cooking. 
How can I get more garlic?
Garlic supplements are found as encapsulated herb, tablets and aged extracts (oils). These products should be standardized as an assurance of the amount of sulphur compounds they contain. There are many types of garlic supplements, choose the best one for you and consider combination products that target your particular needs. Garlic can be found in combination products for immune boosting, cholesterol control, blood pressure regulation, and heart health. 
Garlic is a popular herb in the kitchen as well as the medicine cabinet.  Their sulphur compounds, alliin and allicin, have been well studied for their 
The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and approximately 60 thousand miles of blood vessels, called arteries and veins.  The heart pumps blood around 
Any interruption in blood supply, for example a heart attack or stroke, causes tissue death so the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system is essential.
Most cardiovascular disease occurs due to lifestyle factors such as: 1. Obesity, poor nutrition, and medication usage. 2. Free radical damage due to environmental toxins or smoking. 3. Stress or poor emotional health. 4. Lack of exercise.

Reducing High Cholesterol With Garlic & Other Supplements
High cholesterol, called hypercholesterolemia, occurs in several different forms depending on the type of cholesterol molecule that is out of balance.  Ultimately
Decreased circulation results and leads to high blood pressure as the body struggles to maintain enough blood flow to its tissues.  Pieces of the deposits can break off or the turbulent flow of blood can cause clots to form.  If the pieces or clots lodge in smaller vessels this leads to heart attack or stroke.
Looking for natural treatments for cholesterol reduction is well worth the effort for several reasons. Conventional treatment of high cholesterol with lipid lowering drugs makes only small improvements to your chance of developing heart disease.  Plus these drugs have many side effects. 
Your liver is responsible for both cholesterol metabolism and detoxification.  Congestion of the liver, from poor diet, environmental toxins and pharmaceutical drugs hampers the body’s ability to maintain proper cholesterol levels.  Under appropriate supervision, detoxify your liver, using herbal supplements like 
Why Kyolic?
Organic Garlic.
Kyolic Quality Control.
Clinical Research.
Other work  at The University of Queensland found that Kyolic significantly reduced the development of fatty streak atherosclerotic lesions, cholesterol accumulation and smooth muscle cell division which contribute to the development of heart disease.
Odor-controlled & easy on the stomach.
 Only the finest quality of raw garlic is used to prepare Kyolic. The quality of the garlic, organically grown on Kyolic's own farm in Japan, and California, is examined to ensure that it meets stringent specifications, including total sulfur, thioallyl compounds, protein, and saccharide content. The natural aging process of Kyolic increases the effectiveness of garlic and eliminates its side effects, distinguishing Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract from all other garlic products. The Kyolic manufacturing process is controlled by international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), established by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Kyolic is subjected to more than 250 quality control tests assuring customers of its safety and effectiveness.
  The cholesterol-lowering effects of Kyolic were confirmed by two recent, well-designed, double-blind clinical studies. One reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,found a 7% reduction in cholesterol and 6% reduction in blood pressure following six months intake of Kyolic. It reported a 7% reduction in total cholesterol and a 10% reduction in LDL cholesterol following five months intake. It also reported that Kyolic improved platelet function in patients with high cholesterol levels by decreasing adhesion to fibrinogen (a blood thinning effect). Platelet adhesion is strongly related to the development of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. 
Kyolic has been found to be more gentle on the stomach and intestine than other forms of garlic. Consumption of raw garlic can be very harsh and irritating to the stomach and intestinal tract. Stomach ulcers have resulted from the consumption of raw garlic juice which is high in allicin. Kyolic, on the other hand, has been found to be safe, gentle and non-irritating. The aging process of Kyolic also ensures a dramatically reduced after odor than other garlic supplements.  Before you start a supplement program seek the advice of a natural health practitioner.

pharmacological activity.  Garlic has many benefits for cardiovascular health.  Garlic intake is shown to decrease levels of LDL cholesterol, the cholesterol 
responsible for cholesterol plaques and the storage of fat, & triglycerides. Garlic also increases levels of HDL cholesterol, which is responsible for moving stored
 fat to the liver for processing and excretion from the body. HDL cholesterol protects against plaque formation.   Garlic preparations also lower blood pressure 
and improve blood circulation.  Thus garlic can be used to prevent stroke and heart attack.  Kyolic 100 contains 300mg of Kyolic aged garlic extract per tablet.

the body.  The vessels nourish cells by transporting nutrients and waste products, through the blood, around the body.

 high cholesterol is hazardous to your health because it leads to the deposition of fatty plaques the inside of the arteries.  This leads to a decrease in the flexibility and elasticity of the walls.

artichoke, dandelion root and milk thistle.  Green food supplements include many nutrients for the detoxification of the liver including B complex vitamins and chlorophyll.  Lipotropic factors, like lecithin, help to cleanse fats from the liver and protect it from fatty build up.  Consider drinking a simple glass of warm lemon
 water each morning to stimulate a gentle liver flush.