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  • Native American Beaded Earrings, Porcupine Spine Large Medallion Earrings,

    C$120.00 C$93.00

    The diameter of the medallion for earrings is approx. 2.75"

    The total hang of the earrings is approx. 5.5"
    - Beautiful traditionally beaded large medallion earrings with Alaskan porcupine spines (humanely harvested), faux leather backing 

    and a variety of opaque and sparkling seed beads.

    - This jewelry is made using a traditional freehand method. The beads are applied to a leather backing for firmness and support.

    - Courtesy note: These large traditional medallion earrings do have some weight to them. If you are not used to large earrings, the 

    weight of them will not hurt or stretch your may just feel the weight and they may or may not take some getting used to. Nothing major, just worth pointing out.

    - The thread used is synthetic and very strong.
    - For use anywhere. Sophisticated enough formal occasions and fun enough for casual time.