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Native American Bird Necklace Huichol Jewelry Clarity Charm Strength Charm Beaded Necklace Thunderbird Necklace

C$45.00 C$38.99


birds are sacred animals as they represent a connection between the heavens and the Earth's creatures. They represent the great ability to see clearly and to see beyond what meets the eye. Traditionally a double headed bird is an empowering symbol granting the ability to "see in all directions". 

 The Thunderbird connection to this piece (the large wings) is a classic and famous Native American one which symbolizes and empowers great strength. 

- A nice change from gold and silver jewelry. Bright, eye catching and accents your attire.

- This necklace is designed to hang around the upper to mid chest area.

- The necklace is a pullover; there is no clasp.

- This unique item was made with love and made to last.

- The model in the photo is 5'6"