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Research & Development

Natural Factors also conducts laboratory and clinical research to ensure the efficacy of all of our products. Our research ensures that we can guarantee the safety, purity and potency of all raw materials used in their creation. We are an industry leader in quality assurance and our laboratory facilities are the largest and most sophisticated in Canada.

At Natural Factors, we have an extensive team including, Research and Development labs, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Product Development groups. Over 50 scientists work in these and other departments to ensure we produce impeccable products that are guaranteed to be safe and efficacious.

Medical & Scientific Expertise

The medical and scientific expertise found at Natural Factors may be attributed to our medical and naturopathic physicians, herbalist, formulators and nutritionists that all contribute to the development of every Natural Factors product. With over 50 scientists that work to ensure that we produce impeccable products guaranteed to be safe and efficacious, we ensure that every one of our innovations is for natural health support. Our team of experts provides Natural Factors with a breadth of knowledge, each with unique training and different backgrounds, and our scientists and quality control specialists are recognized experts in their fields.

In addition to our in-house scientific expertise, we confer with scientists and researchers at universities and research centers around the world. Many of the individuals that we consult with have been instrumental in developing new standards, procedures or testing methodologies that have contributed greatly to the research and development of safe, efficacious natural health products.