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Sparkling Tribal Chandelier Earrings, Native American Beaded Earrings, Sparkling Purple Silver Earrings, Tribal High Fashion Earrings

C$93.99 C$85.75

The width of each earring is approx. 1.75"
The total hang of each earring is approx 3.5"
 These beautiful backed chandelier style earrings feature a sparkling purple border with a body made of sparkling silver and opaque dark brown beads. Accents of sparkling aquamarine decorate the fringe.
- Made using traditional freehand beading techniques with strong synthetic thread. The beadwork is made and applied to a faux leather backing for a quality firmness, look and feel.
- Sophisticated enough for a day at the office or a night out yet casual enough for down time. A great alternative to metal jewelry.